Contribution Conventions

When committing to the repository, there are a few conventions that should be followed.

Code Style

  • Code is clean and commented where needed
  • Any unused code is either removed or commented out
  • Methods that are not entirely obvious as to how they work should have a doc comment explaining the purpose and arguments (see for an example)
  • Code with different functions should be reasonably separated by directories of their function
  • When changing any functions, documentation referencing that code should be changed to match (.md files / doc comments)
  • If changes are made to another person's code that fundamentally change the output / input of the code, discuss those changes with the original creator

Handling Branches

Branch Purpose
Master Bug fixes & general addition
Others New distinct features that are incomplete / not functional yet

Project & External Data

  • All large data files must be excluded from the GitHub repository. Note: All files except .gitignore files are ignored in the data folder, so storing data in a sub-directory there is a good option! To force Git to commit a directory, but not the files in it, you can copy the .gitignore from data/archive_cache into the directory.

Last update: 2020-02-09