Post-Storm Imagery Classification

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Classification and analysis of post-storm response imagery.


Team Members

Mentor: Dr. Evan B. Goldstein

Instructor: Dr. Somya Mohanty

Contributions 🤝

Code of Conduct

We hope to foster an inclusive and respectful environment surrounding the contribution and discussion of our project. Make sure you understand our Code of Conduct.

Code Conventions

Before committing to the repository please read the project Code Conventions.

Getting the Project Running 🏃‍

Project Pre-Requisites

  1. Python 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8 (Download Here)
  2. Pipenv (Run pip install pipenv)
  3. You will need to add the folder containing the psic module (src/python by default) to your PYTHONPATH (See Configuring Module)

If you get an error message that looks something like Module not found: "psic", then the PYTHONPATH is not configured correctly!

You will need these in order to run the project.

Installing Dependencies

  1. Change current directory (cd) to Poststorm_Imagery/ (the project root)
  2. Run pipenv install to install dependencies

Collecting Data

  1. Change current directory to the collector module (cd collector/)
  2. Either use pipenv run <args> or pipenv shell then <args>

The arguments for are listed here

Data Source 💾

  • NOAA landing page for the post-storm imagery, here
  • USGS landing page, here

Last update: 2020-02-09